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As you read my policies, please keep in mind I have these policies because this business is my sole income.

I love all of my clients and want to make my business the most efficient it can be, for both you and me!


Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates are non-refundable and must be present at time of redemption. Please treat them like cash. I am not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates. If the purchaser or recipient decides they would no longer like to use the gift certificate they are welcome to transfer to someone else, or sell it to someone else. (Keep in mind this is a business- Walmart, Hannaford, Olive Garden etc will not refund a gift certificate). However, gift certificates DO NOT EXPIRE so you have plenty of time to use it!


Appointment Times:

In respect to all clients please remember your massage starts at the time scheduled and lasts for the time duration scheduled (ie: half hour, hour, hour and a half). If your appointment time is 4:30, that means your actual massage starts at 4:30.  You should show up 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to allow time for discussing your session needs and wants, and undressing. I will need to end the massage as scheduled to be on time for the following client. If you happen to show up late, please understand in order to keep the following appointments on time, you may lose out on a few minutes of your massage. If I cause the session to start late, I will make up for it by giving you the full hour.


Cancellations/ Rescheduling:

I ask that you kindly give me as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. A minimum of 24 hours is requested. I understand things come up and life happens. Please keep in mind this is my family's income and it can be hard to fill a last minute opening. This also helps me get clients in for massage in a timely manner. A fee up to $20.00 may be charged if there is less then 24 hours notice.



Payment is due at time of service. Cash and check are preferred, but credit is also accepted if needed. 

Swedish Deep Tissue, Pregnancy: $35 half hour, $65 hour, $95 90 minutes

Hot Stone: $85 hour, $105 90 minutes


Should I Tip?

Tips are not required, but are greatly appreciated!


Client Responsibility:

Since it is your massage, I ask that you be specific on what you are looking for. Every massage session is different, and will be customized to meet your needs and wants. If there are areas you do not want worked on, please let me know. If you want extra time spent on a certain area- please tell me. If the pressure I use is not enough, or too much, it is your responsibility to let me know so I can adjust to your liking. Is the temperature of the table too warm? Is the room too cold? Would you rather me not use a bolster? Would you like the room to have more or less light? These are just some of the things that can affect your overall experience. Please tell me if you'd like anything changed- I won't be offended! Everybody is different, and no massage will be exactly alike! :)


Complimentary With Your Massage:

In addition to a great massage, I have a few things I like to add into my sessions. Aromatherapy is FREE. Please let me know what scent you would like, or what you'd like to achieve with the aromatherapy so I can suggest one for you. I also use heated towels and a warm eye mask to help enrich your experience.

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