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Client Testimonials 
These client testimonials and more can be found at


Laura Gallant Lewis : "Ashley is exceptional at massage therapy. She is caring and very attentive to one's individual needs. The professional and stress free atmosphere she has created in her practice help to enhance the benefits of massage therapy. I highly recommend Ashley for anyone that is interested in massage therapy - she is the best."


Megan Elliott: "I fully enjoyed my one hour massage from Ashley. The smells, the music, the warm comfy table were intoxicating. She is very talented and, by far, the best massage I've ever had. She's voted number one for a reason. If you haven't tried her out, I highly suggest you do it!"


Melissa Caswell: "Met Ashley yesterday for the first time and got one of the best massages I have ever had! Ashley is very nice, attentive and gave just the right amount of pressure I needed to relieve some severe pain I was having! I came out of my session feeling like a new woman and I have even scheduled another appointment for next week! I would highly recommend Ashley for a massage! No wonder she was voted Best of the Best!


Lori Seekings: "Ashley gave me an amazing prenatal massage. Very comfortable setting. Great waiting room for my mister to wait for me. Relaxing music/sounds. She is very personable. Felt very comfortable having a conversation with her. I suggest this massage to anyone."


Melissa Piselli-Lebel: "Absolutely amazing massage!! Thank you so much Ashley!! Seriously the best one I've had....having another in November....excellent prices for excellent service!!!"


Justine DeSanctis: "As someone who suffers from anxiety and tension headaches I can honestly say that massage therapy is such a blessing. I hate taking medicine and going to see Ashley once a month seriously helps with both problems. Ashley is the best! She makes you feel so comfortable which I think is one of the reasons a lot of people shy away from getting a massage. She also has very reasonable prices!! If you have never gotten a massage you need to try it! If you have never gone to Ashley you need to see her!!!"


Kristen Higgins: "I have never left Ashley's massage table anything other than utterly relaxed, rejuvenated, and completely satisfied. Highly recommend her!"


Amber Ellis: "Great massage would recommend her to anyone! So relaxing and feeling so much better!"


Faith Roussel: "Absolutely amazing massage therapist! She takes her time and knows exactly what she is doing. She is very professional and I have always felt amazing after a great massage. Highly recommended. She has the perfect touch! The best around!"


Lyn Crossman: "Ashley does a great job...very much look forward to my appointments and know every session will be amazing."


Christy Deane: "Ashley is amazing..her office is very relaxing..she does an excellent job!"


Alley Beaulieu: "Ashley is amazing! She is so good about getting me in last minute when I need a massage the most. Her massages are the best I've ever had! I would recommend her to anyone who loves massages!"


Melinda Fuller: "Thank you Ashley Beamon, for taking away my work/ family stress with your magic fingers. That night I zonked out and slept soundly for 12 hours! My chiropractors appt the next day only took 15min & Dr said you did all the work for him. "


Angela Farnsworth: "Got a gift certificate for Valentine's Day from my husband, finally got around to using it and I'm kicking myself for not using it sooner! She does a fantastic job. I was totally relaxed, the pressure applied was perfect, it was truly wonderful. At the end of my hour I made another appointment. Definitely recommend!"


Traci Willette: "Ashley is simply AMAZING! Such a relaxing environment. She does great deep tissue massages for those of us that need it and she is very affordable!!"


Susan Gordon: "Ashley is an amazing massage therapist! She make me feel very comfortable and relaxed! My back has never felt better than after I have been to see her!"


Trisha Wildes: "I was lucky enough to receive a gift certificate for a 1 hr massage from Ashley. It was the best massage I have ever had! I highly recommend her service and if you have someone who enjoys being spoiled this is the perfect gift for them. Plus her prices are very reasonable."


Megan Rietdyk: "I am a nail technician that works at a high end resort and have access to amazing massage therapists. I wouldn't trade Ashley for any of them. She has a great energy and you can feel it in her hands. Her place is so cute and warm with the fire place. I wouldn't trade her for anything! I look forward to seeing her and am very sad when I have to reschedule. If you haven't tried her you are truly missing out."


Tami Godbout Larochelle: "My father is pretty "critical" so when he told me that you were the best he has had, that is pretty good :)" 


Melissa Stephens: "BEST MASSAGE I've Ever Dreamed of Having <3 So Relaxing and I Feel Like a New Woman :) Having Scoliosis makes living without pain Hard to do especially if your active.. Ashley's massage helped take out all my knots, and help me relax. :) THANK YOU AGAIN ASH!!"


Tonya Boucher Reynolds: "I fractured my neck 5 years ago and I use massage therapy to deal with the constant pain, as you can imagine I have had my share of massages. Ashley does an amazing job and I appreciate her and her hands very much!!! She can take me from feeling lots of pain when I arrive to waking me b/c I was so relaxed I fell asleep. I highly recommend Ashley to everyone! Thank you Ashley, see you again soon!"


Melanie J. Nelson Nickerson: "Ashley is an amazing massage therapist and person. I look forward to seeing her every 4 weeks. Very professional and a sweet young lady! In my eyes Ashley rocks!"


Lenny Goodine: "listen up everyone...Ashley is awesome and if you need a great massage, she is the person to see. Great relaxing room and atmosphere. Both my wife and I see her and it sure does help after putting my old muscles and bones through what I do to them! Call her! "


Kylee Bernard: "Nothing like a good nights sleep after having a great massage from Ashley <3 It was wonderful & I WILL be treating myself to a massage monthly from now on :)) Your the best girlfriend :)) "


Lorryn Crossman: "Ashley can give one heck of a massage! I was nervous the first time I went in because I had never had a massage before but she was welcoming and professional and it turned out to be a heavenly experience. I would recommend her to anybody! :)"


Stephanie Cotnoir: "I had never been to a massage therapist before seeing Ashley and I love it!! She does an amazing job at unbeatable prices!!" 


Shawna Lund: I loved my massage by Ashley! Great prices, great work!


Sara Bouffard: I def reccomend going to see ashley beamon for a massage .it was amazzzzing. I fell asleep for some of it. and caught myself drooling lol. She did a great job and i will def. be going back again!!


Kim Weeks Perkins: Total relaxation is what to expect, I enjoy it, and you have been able to help with pain in my neck. Thank you!!!


Meghan Niles: Nothing like an hour of pure relaxation. Best massage ever! I feel like a whole new person. 


Tammy Sturtevant: She's got magic hands...almost had to call a designated driver to come get me...ha! Can't wait till next month! :) 


Jess-Nick Upham: If you want a amazing massage go see Ashley she does awesome work i feel like a million dollars after a massage with her i've gone 3 times and love it so much your rock Ashely and your prices are really good :) Coming back again very soon :)


Rhonda Lawrence: I go once a month. Best decision I ever made. Thanks Lisa for putting me in touch with her.


Amber Rosso: I have had about 3 massages from Ashley now and I wouldn't be able to stop there! She is so awesome, makes you feel very comfortable! I wish I could get a massage everyday! I would recommend Ashley to anyone & everyone! :)


Kendra Swails: I've had massages before but sense I've been getting massages from Ashley, I won't go anywhere else. By far my favorite! It's comfortable, relaxing, and affordable! I love it! Go get yours now!


Juanita Willett: Ashley does amazing massages, she knows what she is doing and you feel like a whole new person when she is done. It is a comfortable atmosphere and in a great location. If you want total relaxation, give her a call! You don't know what your missing!


Patty Lothridge: Wonderful hour long massage from Ashley. Absolutely perfect. Thank you!!!!!


Julia Nanette Ellis: I love going to Ashley for a massage! She takes all the tension out of my neck/shoulders/back and makes my everyday life more comfortable and enjoyable! I highly recommend going to her, you won't be able to stay away!


Sonya Bourgoin Tondreau: You rock Ashley. I'll be back in a couple of weeks. That was just what I needed. Thanks.


Sandy Damren: Highly recommend!


Aimee Coltart Corbin: Best Massage Ever!! Call Ashley to massage your stress away :)


Debbie Gosselin: A massage from Ashley feels like heaven. It makes you feel like you are 10 yrs younger because you are so relaxed after!


Amber Tardiff: Sooo relaxing and such a comfortable setting! Would go every day if money grew on trees!!


Holly Parker: I got my one hour massage with Ashley as a Christmas present (thanks Jen!). This was my first full body massage and it definitely won't be my last! It was perfect for stress relief before I came back to school. 


Amy Redlevske: I have received one massage before I saw Ashley from ********, when I left I felt worse then I did when I walked in and I felt so horrible for the amount of money I spent. I was nervous to go see Ashley because of the pain I was in when I left *********. Ashley has excellent pricing and she was amazing! I felt like a completely different person when I left her salon it felt like I was completely stress free! I will most definitely be setting up monthly appointments with her!

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